Upcoming Events


Broad Theatrics Presents

Good Night Harold

Friday August 5th @ 8pm


GOOD NIGHT HAROLD is an evening of long form improv. What is long form improv? High-risk experimental theatre, made up on the spot! No scripts, no games, no props or gimmicks – just a series of unstructured improvised scenes.  It may explore a suggested theme, there may be recurring characters, some storylines may intersect. Or none of that may happen. It might be funny, inspiring, moving or weird, but always captivating and highly entertaining.

GOOD NIGHT HAROLD will present three different long form formats –   the HAROLD (created by the late Chicago improv guru Del Close), ARMANDO DIAZ, and LA RONDE.

Starring the fabulous improvisers recently seen in the hilarious debut season of SIN CITY the LIVE IMPROVISED SOAP OPERA:  Kirsten Van Ritzen, Morgan Cranny, Robert Conway, Karen Brelsford, Justin Carter, Chris Gabel, Alan Penty, Christine Upright, Andrew Wade.  With a bit of directing from Ian Ferguson and lighting/sound improv from Theodore R. Sherman.

Further info call Broad Theatrics at 250-480-3709.  Tickets are $10 at the door.


Intrepid Theatre Presents The YOU Show

A Workshop reading of Joyce Kline’s new musical Smash A Plate!
Saturday August 13 @ $7pm.  Tickets are $12 Reg or $6 unwaged at the door
It’s 1976, the height of the “women’s lib” era, and over-earnest women’s centre counsellor Joanne Meyer (JoJo) is feeling the stress of trying to reform a sexist world.  When her best friend drags her off to the local rec centre to “learn to belly dance for your sultan,” JoJo trades doctrine for sequins and sets off on an unconventional, and hilarious, personal odyssey in search of passion, adventure and true independence.
Join us for this informal work-in-progress reading based way too closely on personal experience.  Smash a Plate! received its first workshop reading at the Belfry Theatre in 2009.  Now we invite you to be part of the ongoing evolution of a new musical.  Come hear actors Sarah Carlé, Clayton Baraniuk, Izad Etamadi, Lindsay Vucovic, Dan Dumsha and others and enjoy a couple of short mini dances by belly dancer Mira!
Seating is limited so please reserve in advance.  We’ll hold you tickets at the door until 6:45.  For reservations or information contact smashaplate@shaw.ca or call 250 595-0944.